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What we do

Efficient technology Integration (AI)

We customise advanced technology solutions to optimise your business.

Streamline workflows, maximise resources, and gain a competitive edge.

Experience transformative technology and unlock your organisation’s potential.

Let’s work together towards your success.

Cloud adoption & security

Our secure cloud adoption ensures data protection, compliance, and confidentiality.

Experience the benefits of cloud-based solutions for business growth and flexibility with our tailored security solutions.

Unlock new opportunities with us.

Cost strategy & optimisation

We specialise in strategic solutions to achieve cost efficiency, optimise expenses, streamlines operations, and leverages technology for financial optimisation to gain a competitive edge.

Experience the impact of our custom strategies for sustainable growth.

Trust us to save you money.

Envision with New Scaler

Let’s work together to grow together

Is New Scaler right for you?

At New Scaler, we’re fuelled by our unwavering passion for technology. With our expertise, we’ll propel your business forward, leveraging the latest innovations for outstanding results.

Let's drive IT success together

We’ll understand your specific business objectives, identify gaps in your infrastructure, and create customised tech solutions for ongoing progress.
Our comprehensive approach fortifies your business against cyber threats, safeguarding your data while ensuring current regulatory compliance.
We’ll optimise your IT for peak performance, eliminating inefficiencies, and help you outshine competitors with precision-tuned infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Our powerful solutions for your powerful business


Data Preparation & Exploration

Model Evaluation & Training Services

AI Deployment Services

Conversational AI

Computer Vision

Auto Machine Learning (ML) Solutions

Customised Use Case Development

Cyber Audit, Assessments & Workshops

Cloud Platform

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Multi-Hybrid Cloud Environment

Cloud Transformation & Migration

Cyber Audit, Assessments & Workshops

Unified Cloud Monitoring

Optimise Your Cloud

Cloud Architecture & Design Consultancy

Modern Work

M365 Consultancy & Deployment

Communications & Collaboration

Cloud Storage &      Back-ups

M365 Security

Endpoint Management & Deployment

Cyber Audit, Assessments & Workshops

Industries and Sectors we support

Public Sector








Our Achievements


We have a number of active AI projects with game changing and customised solutions for business.


We have successfully completed over 58 projects (and counting) with precision to our clients’ specifications.

% on time

We have achieved a flawless 100% delivery rate and consistently surpass deadlines, ensuring timely completion.

Why Choose
New Scaler?

Best AI & Cloud Solutions

We have lived the cloud and AI evolution since its inception, keeping up with the latest technology, making us the best in the market when it comes to designing and deploying solutions.

Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft partner, New Scaler endeavours to provide its customers a unified solution using the best tools in the market for their digital transformation journey.

Better Together

From the initial discussion to solution delivery, we create trusted business relationships and enforce quality assurance to ensure a consistent client experience.

What sets us apart?

At the heart of our ethos lies meticulousness and unwavering dedication. We approach every project, regardless of size, with utmost seriousness, letting our work, success stories, and testimonials be our voice.

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