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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Customer Challenges?

At a high level, each organisation's journey to cloud adoption exposes it to various risks relating to cost, security, identity, operations, and development. If such risks are not appropriately managed and mitigated, fear, uncertainty, and doubt may spread, eventually impeding cloud adoption. This will reduce the return on investment and ultimately jeopardise the overall approach.

What is available?

The cloud continues to play a significant role in our everyday lives, enabling remote work and learning, global collaboration, business continuity, supporting discovery and innovation, and importantly, powering critical life and safety services. Every industry is undergoing technological change – from manufacturing to agriculture, banking to healthcare, and many more.

New Scaler can offer

New Scaler can assist your business in completing the three critical phases necessary for securing your cloud infrastructure journey: governance, hybrid cloud networking, automation, and DevOps. New Scaler can collaborate with your business to achieve:

Structured governance improvement initiative utilising the critical services listed below:

Configure and set up the Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) portal.

Configure governance for resource management by utilising Azure Management Groups, Policies, Blueprints, and role-based access control (RBAC).

Configure Power BI with Azure EA to monitor Azure use and perform cost analysis.

Develop a strategy for connecting your existing data centres or sites to the cloud and establishing a disaster recovery solution between the on-premises data centre and the cloud utilising the critical services listed below:

The architecture of the network and the allocation of capacity.

Using ExpressRoute or Site-to-Site networking (or both) to enable hybrid connectivity.

Using Azure Traffic Manager, to create geo-redundant or multi-cloud solutions.

Conducting network readiness checks for clients of Office 365 who require ExpressRoute.

Deploy firewall virtual appliances and network security groups to secure the network and ensure compliance.

Implement secure connectivity for remote administration and development and test with point-to-site networking.

Empower you to leverage automation and orchestration to optimise Azure spending and improve resilience for workloads with fluctuating resource requirements.

Template and script authoring.

Automatic start and stop of virtual machines.

Cost management of developer cloud resources.

Automatic scale down of services.

Continuous deployment and integration.

Configuration management.

Container management.