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Cloud Migration Assessment

Cloud Migration Assessment

What is Cloud Migration Assessment?

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is a step in which your business analyses its resources and IT environment to determine whether it is cloud-ready. It entails conducting an evaluation to facilitate the migration process and establishing a cloud environment that adheres to industry standards.

New Scaler can

We have developed tools that we can run in your current information technology environment and provide you with the following information:

  • Server sizing and refinement based on data imports from other tools.
  • A secure scan of your servers is conducted seamlessly, as is the creation of a map of dependent workloads and servers.
  • Comprehensive reports on business and operational possibilities.
  • Cloudability Reports to Support in Your Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Cloud Business Analysis Report
  • Analyses of Cloud Operations
  • Advisory Report on Containerization
  • Cost modelling, alternatively referred to as total cost of ownership,
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