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Boost your company’s digital transformation journey while maintaining security by attending one of our workshops which will show you how to use Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365 to strengthen your business and improve employee experience.

Our assessments and workshops will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to make the most of your money. We present the cutting edge of what is possible, as well as the immediate actions you should take.

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Security Services

Our Security Services are professional offerings aimed at safeguarding information systems and data from cyber threats. These services include risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, incident response, and security consulting to ensure a secure and resilient IT infrastructure.
Our Security assessments and workshops will assist you in creating a secure environment.

Cloud Security Roadmap with M365

The Cloud Security Roadmap with M365 is a standalone engagement that provides a comprehensive analysis of security challenges and recommendations for leveraging Microsoft 365 technologies. It aligns security-focused deliverables with your organization’s journey to the Microsoft cloud. Our Cloud Security Roadmap helps prioritise risks, inform business cases, recommend Microsoft Cloud Security technologies, achieve compliance, and align M365/EM+S delivery.

Cloud Adoption Security Review

The Cloud Adoption Security Review (CASR) CASR is a thorough service that assesses and bolsters the security of organisations transitioning to the cloud. Our focus is to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and best practices for securing cloud environments. Through consultancy, we evaluate your cloud adoption strategy, architecture, and security controls using our expertise and top-notch methodologies.

Landing Zone

The Landing Zone (LZ) Review Assessment evaluates and improves cloud LZ architecture in organisations, ensuring a secure scalable environment. We offer consultancy services to assess foundational design, implementation, security controls, and operational efficiency. Our expertise and best practices optimise your organisation’s cloud LZ configuration.

Governance Benchmark Review

Our Governance Benchmark Assessment evaluates and benchmarks organisational governance against industry standards. It assesses governance frameworks, policies, and controls, offering actionable recommendations. Our consultancy services utilise expertise in IT governance, risk management, compliance, and data privacy to evaluate and improve your organisation’s governance practices across domains.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a certified proof that an organisation is safeguarded against cyber threats, endorsed by the government and industry. Our expert consultants possess vast experience and expertise to efficiently guide you in obtaining this certification, providing necessary assessments and advice. Protect your organisation with our accredited services.

Penetration Testing & IT Health Check Service

New Scaler conducts thorough security assessments to empower clients in safeguarding intellectual property and data, minimising security breaches. Leveraging extensive security expertise, it identifies gaps and delivers comprehensive reports for remediation. Our consultants specialise in IT Security Consulting and IT Health Check services, ensuring optimal protection for organisations.

AI Services

Our AI services harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance business processes and outcomes.
They encompass solutions like machine learning, natural language processing, and automation to drive innovation, efficiency, and intelligent decision-making, propelling businesses into the future.
Our AI Readiness Assessment drive innovation, optimise efficiency, and empower businesses.

AI Readiness Assessment

Our AI Readiness Assessment evaluates an organisation’s readiness for AI solutions, considering business needs, data, skills, and more. It helps create a roadmap for successful implementation. At New Scaler, we offer cutting-edge AI/ML solutions with scalable, secure designs, tailored to specific needs. We provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle, optimising performance and costs.

Infrastructure / Platform Services

Infrastructure/Platform services provide businesses with robust and scalable technological foundations for their operations. These services include cloud computing, server management, network infrastructure, and software platforms, enabling clients to focus on their core business while leveraging reliable
and efficient IT infrastructure.
Our assessments and workshops enhance efficiency and maximise the value of your existing environment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Considering cloud migration? Evaluate your organisation’s readiness with SMART (Strategic Migration Assessment & Readiness Tool). Assess people, process, and technology preparedness for a smooth transition. Identify and address potential migration issues. Obtain actionable recommendations to mitigate risks. Gain valuable insights for a successful cloud migration with us.

Cloud Adoption Framework Review

The Cloud Adoption Framework Review assesses and enhances an organisation’s cloud adoption strategy and implementation using Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). It aligns cloud practices with industry standards and utilises Microsoft Azure for optimal business results. It is a thorough evaluation offering for optimising cloud adoption.

Cloud Journey Tracker

Cloud Journey Tracker is the tool to enable your organisation to track cloud migration progress and monitor the ongoing performance of your cloud environment. This offers directions and detects whether an organisation has adopted a holistic approach to their digital transformation, encompassing decisions related to business, people, and technology, along with the expected outcomes.

DevOps Capability Assessment

Our Secure Backup solution guarantees continuous backup and accessibility of your on-premises and cloud data, including Microsoft 365, ensuring reliable recovery options are always within reach.

Well-Architected Framework (WAR)

Get peace of mind with our comprehensive compliance assessment. We evaluate your environment against specific regulations like GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, CCPA, and more, delivering an actionable plan for your compliance needs.

Landing Zone Review

We safeguard your company from identity theft, data leaks, and sensitive information sales by monitoring your domain or VIP’s email on the Dark Web for potential risks and unauthorised activity.

Modern Work Services

Modern work refers to the contemporary approach to IT tasks and processes. It entails leveraging advanced technologies, collaboration, and agility to solve problems and drive innovation.
Our assessments and workshops enhance business security and create an environment conducive to thriving in the digital age.

Endpoint Management

The Endpoint Management Workshop will help organisations utilise the value of Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, to help organisations how to manage users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere.

Hybrid Meetings​

The Hybrid Meetings and Rooms Workshop includes a new modular design that enables to organisations specific business needs in the world of Hybrid Work/Learning.

Secure Identities

The Securing Identities Workshop allows businesses to evaluate the maturity of their identity infrastructure. Using Secure Score and application discovery tools, this workshop provides organisations with visibility into their current state and assists in defining clear next steps and the most effective means of mitigating risks.  

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