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Secure Backup

Secure Backup

Backup for cloud data and on-premises data

The majority of businesses are looking for a solution that will assist them in recovering business services in a timely manner in the event of service disruption or accidental data deletion or corruption.

When a large number of people collaborate on a single project, the risk of data loss increases. While SaaS products such as Microsoft 365 include data immutability features such as litigation hold, in-place eDiscovery and hold, Compliance Search, in-place archiving, mailbox auditing, and retention policies that ensure data cannot be deleted for the duration of the retention period, Retention policies, on the other hand, are not backups. They are responsible for ensuring that the data is not deleted from the service. 

Another issue that businesses face is ensuring that their business applications, such as SQL databases, files folders, and entire virtual machines, can be backed up without the use of tape or offsite backup. Ransomware backup protection would be a priority.

New Scaler can

We can collaborate with you to safeguard critical Microsoft 365 cloud-based services such as:

  • Exchange online data
  • Sharepoint Online data
  • Microsoft 365 groups
  • Microsoft teams data
  • OneDrive for Business data
  • Public Folder data
  • Project Online data
  • Planner data

Additionally, we can simplify data protection against ransomware and human error for your business application data. You will be able to benefit from the following:

  • Integrated backup
  • Backup to the cloud instantly
  • Cost savings.
  • Anti-ransomware protection
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