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Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

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What is IAM?

IAM for Unparalleled Data Protection

IAM is a crucial framework used by organisations to ensure secure and efficient access to their resources. It involves managing the identification, authentication, and authorisation of users within a system.

IAM aims to grant the right individuals the appropriate level of access to specific data or services while protecting sensitive information from unauthorised users.

By implementing IAM solutions, businesses can enhance data security, streamline user management processes, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, mitigating potential risks associated with unauthorised access or data breaches.

Key Features

Robust Authentication Protocols

Flexible Access Controls

Ensures Regulatory Adherence

Simplified User Management

How it works?

Imagine IAM as a security guard for a building. When you want to enter, the guard checks your ID card or face to confirm your identity (authentication). Once verified, the guard allows you access only to areas you’re authorised to enter (authorisation). For instance, employees can access offices, but not sensitive files.

IAM centralises these rules and user data, making it easy to manage who can go where. It ensures that the right people get the right access, keeping everything safe and organised.

Our IAM Solutions

Your requirement, our targeted solutions.

Information Technology (IT) & Operational Technology (OT)

IAM solutions encompassing IT and OT manage identities for authorised access across traditional IT systems and industrial control systems, reducing cyber risks, mitigating breaches, and ensuring compliance. They are essential for comprehensive cyber security.

Active Directory (AD)

Experience the power of AD solutions, where comprehensive clean-up and optimisation come together. Automate clean-up, analyse permissions, enforce password policies, and get compliance reports for a healthy, secure AD environment. Streamline IT, minimise violations, and boost security.

Unified Identity Management

Centralised solution managing user identities and access across systems, ensuring consistency, security, and quick resource access. Extends to cloud and mobile, offering unified, seamless user experience.

Authentication & Authorisation

Embrace our cutting-edge solution for fortified security, elevated compliance, centralised management, and enhanced user experiences. Safeguard sensitive data, meet regulations, reduce administrative burden, and enjoy flexible authentication methods, while streamlining logins—fostering seamless business operations and amplified profitability.

Why is IAM
good for me?

Securely Streamline Operations

IAM is highly beneficial for organisations. It ensures improved data security by granting access only to authorised users, reducing the risk of data breaches and insider threats.

IAM streamlines user management processes, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and productivity. It also aids in compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding potential penalties.

With IAM, organisations can establish a centralised control over access privileges, monitor user activities, and swiftly revoke access when necessary, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining a secure working environment.

Where we come in

New Scaler is your ultimate ally in mastering Identity Access Management (IAM).

Our cutting-edge solutions will fortify your organisation’s security, streamline user management, and ensure compliance effortlessly.

With our expert team, you’ll implement robust authentication processes, assign access permissions flawlessly, and stay ahead of potential threats.

Simplify your IAM journey with our user-friendly interface and gain centralised control over your system. Boost productivity, safeguard sensitive data, and embrace the future of secure operations with us as your IAM partner.

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