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Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI)

Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI)

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What is CVI?

Bridging Communication Gaps

Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) is a Microsoft solution that enables seamless integration between traditional video conferencing systems and Microsoft Teams. It allows users to connect and collaborate across different video platforms, breaking down barriers between various communication technologies.

With CVI, organisations can leverage their existing video conferencing equipment and infrastructure while enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Teams for modern collaboration. This solution provides a bridge between on-premises or third-party video conferencing systems and the cloud-based Microsoft Teams environment.

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Streamlined & Unified Communication


How it works?

Let’s say Company A uses a traditional video conferencing system (e.g. Webex or Zoom) from Vendor X, and Company B utilises Microsoft Teams for their communication needs. When they need to have a joint meeting or discussion, CVI steps in to enable seamless communication between the two systems. So, Company A can join a Microsoft Teams meeting from their Vendor X video conferencing system, and vice versa, facilitating smooth collaboration and efficient communication across the companies.

Streamlined Collaboration for Organisations

CVI is beneficial for organisations as it enables seamless integration between disparate video conferencing systems and Microsoft Teams. This ensures enhanced collaboration, increased flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

By leveraging existing video conferencing infrastructure alongside Microsoft Teams, organisations can break down communication barriers, improve productivity, and facilitate efficient teamwork.

CVI optimises resources, fosters seamless collaboration, and maximises the value of video communication investments for organisations, making it an excellent solution for businesses seeking streamlined and unified communication experiences.

Why is CVI
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Where we come in

New Scaler is a trusted Microsoft technology partner and can help organisations harness the power of Cloud Video Interop (CVI).

With our expertise, we seamlessly integrate disparate video conferencing systems and Microsoft Teams, unlocking enhanced collaboration and communication capabilities.

Our skilled professionals ensure a smooth transition, optimising resources and maximising the value of your investments.

By leveraging New Scaler’s comprehensive solutions, organisations can break communication barriers, drive productivity, and foster efficient teamwork, resulting in a future-ready, unified communication environment that propels business success.

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