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Customer Challenges?

Customers have multi-platform environments for the combined benefit of security, cost savings, and the freedom to use and benefit from multiple platforms, but it does introduce the challenge of managing all resources, inventories, and compliance policies across the resource landscape. Hybrid is the norm for most customers today, however the key challenges are: How to view, manage, and secure IT resources in real time regardless of their location? How can existing infrastructure benefit from cloud innovation? How can local datacentres be modernised with new cloud infrastructure?

What is available/ Existing Solutions

Vendors provide a variety of multi-cloud management tools on the market. It addresses some issues, but cloud skill gaps and the inflexibility of those tools’ customisation result in unnecessary overheads. Additionally, we understand that while organisations recognise the importance of implementing a governance standard, they struggle to integrate on-premises policies and updates with their cloud infrastructure.

New Scaler can offer

At New Scaler, we recognise that customers require a single pane of glass view of the health of all their existing and future infrastructure and applications. New Scaler can collaborate with your business to develop a cost-effective solution that centralises all of your resources, allowing you to manage, enforce compliance policies, and ensure security across your landscape.

New Scaler can collaborate with your business to achieve


  • A solution that provides a unified view of all your resources – Windows, Linux, and SQL Servers, as well as Kubernetes containers – allowing for a more accurate inventory of your IT assets.
  • Reducing risk throughout your organisation by establishing a governance framework and enforcing a consistent set of policies across all workloads.
  • Enable you to adopt cloud practises on-premises – you can deploy applications across all your Kubernetes clusters, on any infrastructure, using a consistent approach (familiar tools/practices).

Our Solution