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Software Analysis Assessment

Software Analysis Assessment

What is the challenge?

Software today is a complex mix of technologies, microservices, legacy, and thousands and thousands of lines of code.

Cloud migration is occurring, and “lift and shift” remains the preferred methodology. However, analysing the complexity of software or comprehending its architecture prior to cloud migration always presents management teams with options for refactoring or re-architecting.

New Scaler can

If you are running a mission-critical application and would like to gain a better understanding of its complexity prior to moving it to the cloud, New Scaler can assist you with a tool that generates the following information:

  • It enables architects to visualise the extent to which legacy code must be transformed.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to generate a detailed report on your software architecture.
  • Components of software diagram
  • “Map of software dependencies”
  • Microservices map
  • It supports a variety of programming languages, including.NET, Jave, React.js, Python, and C#.

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