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5 Fool proof Ways to Defend against Cyber Invaders

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Fortify Your Business Fortress: 5 Fool proof Ways to Defend against Cyber Invaders

At New Scaler, we recognise that operating a business requires a lot of commitment and determination. Every day presents new obstacles, and at times the tension and uncertainty can feel overwhelming. However, your resolve and dedication to realising your vision are what propel you forward. Therefore, in many ways your business is your second home.

Similarly, to how you protect your home with modern security systems and sturdy locks, it is essential to modernise your company’s cybersecurity defences. 43% of all cyberattacks now target small businesses, and 60% of these businesses close irreversibly within six months of an attack.[1] These statistics are alarming, and as a trusted Microsoft partner, New Scaler is committed to providing comprehensive security solutions that are tailored to your business.

This blog outlines five straightforward steps that any business can take today to safeguard against cyberattacks and protect businesses like you would defend your home.

  1. Utilise Microsoft Cloud for Continuous Monitoring:
    By migrating to the Microsoft Cloud you can leverage the benefits of cloud-based security, reduce the effort required to maintain hardware infrastructure, and gain access to robust security features that alleviate protection-related concerns. Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides enterprise-level protection against viruses, spam, hazardous attachments, suspicious links, and phishing attacks with the ability to monitor 43 trillion threat signals daily,[2] including ransomware families and cybercriminal activities. In addition, it provides continuous protection against ransomware and malware across all of your devices by incorporating antivirus and endpoint detection and response capabilities. With New Scaler’s proficiency as a Microsoft partner, we ensure that you can concentrate on advancing your business while we manage the complexities of your cyber security.
  1. Improve Security with Microsoft Defender for Business:
    In the same way that you update your locks and security systems to prevent break-ins, the first step in protecting your business from cyber hazards is to ensure that your systems are up to date. Microsoft regularly releases updates to resolve vulnerabilities and improve security. These updates are provided for free, but it is essential to configure your computers to automatically download and install them.

New Scaler recognises the significance of maintaining a current IT inventory, particularly in light of the rise of remote and hybrid work models. The use of personal devices and residential networks increases the attack surface, making it imperative to secure multiple devices with a single application, such as Microsoft Defender for Business. This solution provides comprehensive threat and vulnerability management to effectively protect your organisation.

Regular data backups are equally essential in the face of the rising threat of ransomware attacks, which increased by 300% in 2021.[3] New Scaler recommends automating backups on a scheduled basis to maximise limited resources and minimise the risk of human error.

  1. Utilise Multifactor Authentication to bolster Access Controls:
    Just as you conceal duplicate keys in secure locations, it is essential to implement robust access controls for your digital environment. Cybercriminals exploit weak passwords through brute force attacks, which is a significant vulnerability. As a Microsoft partner, we recommend utilising Microsoft solutions such as Windows Hello or FIDO2 security keys, which enable users to authenticate via biometrics or tangible keys/devices, thereby eliminating the need for passwords.

Alternatively, multifactor authentication (MFA) is an effective security measure. MFA increases security by requiring users to verify their identity using additional factors, such as a one-time password (OTP) delivered via email or text message. This guarantees that unauthorised access is prevented even if passwords are compromised. New Scaler recommends implementing MFA as the best method for securing your organisation’s access.

  1. Protect Against Phishing Assaults:
    In the same way that you should exercise caution before opening your front door to strangers, it is crucial to remain informed about the most recent phishing schemes and social engineering techniques employed by malicious actors. Malware and phishing attacks were the most prevalent types of cyberattacks in 2022,[4] emphasising the need for effective defences. Human vulnerabilities are frequently exploited by cybercriminals, making it imperative to educate your employees and implement preventative measures.

New Scaler suggests remaining vigilant for phishing email indicators such as requests for user credentials or payment information, peculiar tones or greetings, grammar and spelling errors, inconsistent email addresses or lookalike domains, threats or a sense of urgency, and unsolicited attachments. Microsoft’s Defender for Business and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 offer superior protection against phishing, malware, spam, and business email compromise.[5] Using these solutions, you are able to report suspicious emails and benefit from built-in policies and onboarding support for seamless protection.

  1. Remain Current on SMB Security Trainings:
    Similarly, to how local authorities and neighbourhood watch groups educate residents on preventing burglaries, UK businesses of all sizes have access to cybersecurity resources. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides best practises, cybersecurity planning tools, and virtual events to improve the security posture of your business. Additionally, New Scaler provides security training tailored to your business that allow you to stay updated with the evolving threat landscape and continuously empower your employees with cybersecurity awareness and skills.

In conclusion, protecting your business from cybercrime is a crucial obligation in the current digital environment. As a reliable Microsoft partner, New Scaler is committed to assisting businesses like yours to safeguard their valuable assets. You can protect your business from cyber threats by adopting Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions, such as cloud-based monitoring, Defender for Business, multifactor authentication, phishing defence, and ongoing security trainings.

Keep in mind that cybersecurity is an ongoing responsibility. By prioritising these measures and partnering with New Scaler, you can ensure the resilience and success of your business in the face of cyber threats that are constantly evolving.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you confidently secure your business just as you secure your home.

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