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Cloud Adoption Transforming the Way We Think About Healthcare

Cloud Adoption Transforming The Way We Think About Healthcare

A Healthcare Provider’s Adoption of Microsoft Azure Drastically Aided Their Digital Transformation

Enhanced Infrastructure to Improve The Care of Patients in Over 900 Locations.

Transformative Collaboration Driving Healthcare Innovation and Patient-Centric Care Through Azure Cloud


A large healthcare provider wanted to modernise its old infrastructure and enhance its sizeable data archives to keep up with evolving patient and doctor expectations. The organsiation saw that the future of the healthcare industry was digital and considered that migrating their data and applications to a cloud environment would decrease operational costs, improve the patient experience, and give its providers better access to more accurate data that would improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the business.

The healthcare organsiation decided that Microsoft Azure would be a compatible cloud provider that identified with their specific business goals and would benefit their digital transformation to the cloud environment, thereby increasing efficiency and improving patient experience.


In 2020, COVID-19 sent shock waves through the healthcare industry. The company aimed to protect its reputation for excellent patient service and maintain a high level of care and adapting to the evolving expectations of patients and staff. As healthcare organisations had to quickly adopt to a very large challenge, highly connected data, flexible and remote working and a strong cloud foundation became even more critical for the enterprise.

They sought innovative ways to increase staff retention and better understand how targeted technologies can attract high-level employees during a world-wide health crisis. The healthcare organsiation had a clear vision to improve diagnoses and care for its patients and to reduce the average length of stay of patients by improving data analysis to enhance the speed and efficiency of patient treatment.


To solve this issue during an uncertain period in the healthcare industry, the organisation partnered with New Scaler to effectively adopt the tools and services of the Azure cloud environment to aid their vital digital transformation. New Scaler began by applying cloud machine learning algorithms to its large libraries of data to facilitate predictive and proactive care by anticipating patients’ desires and needs more accurately. This advanced data science enabling them to identify which patients were more at risk of certain conditions and thus could predict which next actions would be best to suit the requirements of certain patients.

New Scaler understood that a modern cloud foundation could contribute to daily efficiency gains that combined would majorly increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the healthcare enterprise. New Scaler successfully configured Azure tools to automate tasks that were previously achieved manually; giving their specialty care physicians, more time to focus directly on patient healing.

New Scaler’s support in the automation of patient engagement systems including appointment confirmations demonstrated a better experience expressed by patients. This is helping its offices transition to paperless and frictionless patient interactions.


Amidst a dynamic healthcare landscape, the fusion of advanced automation and patient data analytics has yielded transformative outcomes. The following results highlights the pivotal role played by New Scaler in orchestrating this digital metamorphosis, leading to amplified productivity, enriched patient experiences, alleviated work pressures, and a pioneering stance in catalysing analogous changes across the healthcare sector. This evolution has not only positioned the organisation as a trailblazer in innovative patient care but has also set a compelling example for others in an era marked by hybrid work dynamics and unprecedented health demands.

  • Enhanced Productivity: The automation of patient analytics and data resulted in more fluid and responsive decisions and treatments for patients. The more advanced cloud tools delivered more accurate diagnoses which hugely improved and increased the workflow speed of doctors and other members of staff.
  • Improved Patient Experience: The increase in patients receiving more responsive treatments led by more accurate analytics of patient data in their cloud environment, created all round improved patient experiences during their medical treatment by the healthcare organisation. Thus, maintaining their reputation for excellent patient care and high-quality service.
  • Reduced Work pressure: Through more accurate analytics of their large quantity of patient data, doctors were able to provide more effective treatments to patients, which in turn lead to quicker recoveries and patients being discharged from hospital sooner than in previous years. This further resulted in the removal of thousands of days of patients staying overnight in hospital, relieving the workload pressure on hospital staff and care teams which was important comfort during the progression of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Leading The Way: New Scaler’s assistance in configuring the healthcare organisation’s cloud migration journey, lead the way for other enterprises within the healthcare industry to consider their own digital transformations to improve care and experiences of patients and workflows of medical professionals. Especially in an era of hybrid and flexible work environments and uncertain health problems that grow to a world-wide scale, leading to sudden influx in patients need and data.


Ultimately, New Scaler’s support of the healthcare organisation’s digital transformation to Microsoft Azure and successful leveraging of cloud tools and services demonstrated how automation in repetitive tasks, improved patient engagement systems and accurate analysis of patient data can create better outcomes for patients and medical staff. New Scaler’s organising and proper structuring of the enterprises’ data on Azure, drove them to find innovative ways to improve their business outcomes and goals that benefit not just their patients but also wider society.

The healthcare provider is continuing its charitable legacy of dedicated care by building a digital foundation for the future. Through its collaboration with New Scaler, they have identified cloud technologies that will underpin its next era, using its new infrastructure on Azure to continue prioritising patient and staff needs.

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