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Cloud Adoption Transforming the Way We Think About Healthcare

Cloud Adoption Transforming The Way We Think About Healthcare A Healthcare Provider’s Adoption of Microsoft Azure Drastically Aided Their Digital Transformation Enhanced Infrastructure to Improve The Care of Patients in Over 900 Locations. Transformative Collaboration Driving Healthcare Innovation and Patient-Centric … Read More

Cost effective solutions by New Scaler

COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONSBY NEW SCALER Building a resilient infrastructure, securing data, and unleashing learning by leveraging existing Microsoft apps 41% of cybersecurity breaches at universities are caused by social engineering attacks. 30% of internet users based in the education field … Read More

New Scaler help with the shift to remote and hybrid learning

NEW SCALER HELPS WITH THE SHIFT TO REMOTE AND HYBRID LEARNING New Scaler enables high-quality learning experiences in hybrid and remote learning environments 74% of teachers expect online and digital learning platforms to be critical moving forward. 88% According to … Read More